Web Development

Whether you are developing a finance system, property retail site or even an iOS application, we’ll advise you and guide the development of the project so you get the best results.

We are purists, and every thing we do is done with the highest standards in mind. We write our HTML and CSS by hand, paying attention to the details, striving always to be standards compliant, accessible and search engine friendly.

All our code is clean, well structured and efficient.

We want to make your project our best yet, so we’re careful to select the right tools for the job. Good for us that we have a well-stocked toolbox.

If you already have the design for your project complete we will handle the conversion from mockup through to fully-styled dynamic site.

We're not designers, but we work with agencies to give you the full service. We develop the software with simple styling so it's ready for a design team to style with minimum effort.

Performance Analysis and Security Testing

Performance and security are crucial to the success of a project, and we offer performance analysis services as well as penetration testing and security auditing. We can help you optimise the performance of your site by efficiently configuring your servers, pages and resources, as well as advise on caching and using cloud services to help scale your site.

We're fully CEH certified and have experience with security testing and ethical hacking (with the clients full cooperation and permission, of course) so we can help assess weak points in your security, and suggest recommendations that help secure your network and sites from attack.

Friendly Advice & Consulting

You'll benefit from our experience of what to do and how best to do it. We consider it part of our development service to advise and suggest alternative technology or services where appropriate.

We love experimenting with cutting-edge technology and thinking about how it could be used to make our services quicker and more efficient. And because we follow current trends, we can potentially suggest better ways to build or host your software.

So, whether you need a cloud-based hosting solution such as Google's App Engine, Amazon's AWS service a simple VPS server; or security configuration and payment integration, you'll be glad to have us on board.

We'll take care of it and leave you free to work on your idea.

Good developers will take your spec and deliver what you ask for. We go further by helping you figure out what you really need and the best way to achieve it.

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Need Django Developers?

We have wealth of experience with the Django framework and use it for the majority of our work. Learn more about our Django expertise

iOS, Android and Mobile Development

We also help companies develop iOS, Android and mobile web-based applications.

Check out our mobile development skills

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We're confident we can take on any project and have a great track record for delivering. We're good to work with and committed to turning your idea in to a reality.

Contact us and let's see how we can help you.

Our Ethos

Turning an idea in to reality is hard, and even harder to do well. We want to make your project our best yet while helping you reach your goal.

  • We're helpful and friendly
  • We offer sound advice
  • We're experienced and committed to delivering on our promises
  • We love what we do
Industry Experience

We've worked on various projects for a number of different industries:

  • Recruitment
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Publishing
  • Real Estate and Property Management
  • Tourism
  • Financial Services
  • Affiliate Marketing