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Mobile App Development

We offer both native iOS and Android development as well as web-based mobile application development to suit the requirements of the application.

iOS Apps

The iOS SDK make it easy to create rich native applications which take full advantage of the devices's animation, multi-touch, networking; native appearance and behaviour, and enable you to sell or deploy your application through Apple's AppStore.

Apple's iPone and App Store

You can see some of our iOS apps here.

Web-Based Mobile Applications

We also build web-based mobile applications that leverage the advanced features of HTML5 and the WebKit platform to create mobile applications that can operate offline and have rich interfaces, but that only require standard web technologies to build and deploy.

WebKit is a great platform to build on because it's used by Mac OS X, Safari, Chrome, iOS, Android as well as devices by Nokia and Blackberry. Mobile web apps built to take advantage of WebKit's HTML5 capabilities allow us to build interactive web apps that work on multiple devices and don't need to downloaded from an marketplace like Apple's App Store.

Both web-based and native applications each have their own strengths and we will advise you as to which one would best suit your requirements.

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