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Getting Satisfaction from Red Robot Studios

Posted: December 2nd, 2008 | Author: Andrew Gleave | Filed under: Ethos | Comments Off

When we started Red Robot Studios earlier this year, we had a couple of guiding principles we wanted to make our core philosophy:

  1. Build great software
  2. Keep everything simple until we know what to make complex
  3. Let customers and the community guide the direction of the company and its products

With these principles in mind we built our first application Fuselagejobs which is based, in part, on work we did for Djangogigs last year. Fuselagejobs is comfortably lightweight at the moment and performs its core function of managing jobs listings pretty well. However, we’re very much aware that users will want more features and functionality as time goes on. Hence, the need for us to keep in touch with the community’s wants and needs.

I’ll admit it now: we’re not psychic. As we work on products for Red Robot Studios, we can’t know for sure what features people want or expect. The best we can do is to make something we think is good, and ask you for your feedback so we can learn what we did right and what we need to become better at.

So, we’ve started using Get Satisfaction as a way to gather feedback and keep in touch with our customers and the wider community. We hope to get ideas and suggestions as well as address any problems or grievances, and build products which you the community help to direct.

It’s all done “in the open” so we can be transparent and approachable instead of some faceless corporation hiding behind a website.

We will be writing frequently on our blog, and you’re more than welcome to follow us on Twitter too (Andrew and Scott).

So, if you’ve got anything you’d like to discuss, we’d love to hear from you.

Looking for a job board? Try Fuselagejobs.

Better software with less hassle

Posted: October 10th, 2008 | Author: Scott Barnham | Filed under: Ethos | Comments Off

There’s a lot of software around, but sometimes it causes more problems than it solves. Installing, configuring and maintaining software distracts you from your business. Finding the right software is a significant time investment in itself.

There’s a better way. We’re pleased to announce the launch of Red Robot Studios Ltd. Our mission is to give you better software with less hassle.

  • Easy to try
  • Quick to get started
  • Does what you need without a lot of distractions

Our software is web-based and hosted, so there’s nothing for you to install. You just need a web browser. Try it. If it’s not right for you, adiós. If it does what you need, you can use the software to help run your business and leave us to take care of upgrades, backups and security.

Red Robot Studios Ltd is the brainchild of Andrew Gleave and Scott Barnham, two entrepreneurial software developers from the UK (Isle of Man). With years of experience developing for the web, we have the skills to back up our vision.

Our first product is Fuseleage: an easy way for you to run a niche job board. A niche job board brings together people with specific skills or located in a particular area. Better candidates, more relevant jobs. Use it to advertise positions for your company or organisation, or target a niche and sell job listings to employers for profit.

Thanks for stopping by. We’re hard at work on some better software with less hassle, so don’t be a stranger.