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As you may be able to tell, blogging isn’t one of my passions and I rarely think to update this blog – bad, I know.

However, that’s not to say I’m not doing I should probably blog about. So, as a way of getting things up to date in a concise manner, I’ll just list some interesting things I have been working on to get them out there.

New things

Since coming back from Singularity U last December, things have been changing. I’m the technical lead at a new startup company who are developing two products:

  • A new twist on contextual content presentation and delivery – more about that soon
  • A new iOS application and service based around the use of iBeacon technology and location tracking.

Both are due for beta/limited access release in the next 6 weeks so keep an eye out for updates.


I have given a few talks and presentations over the last few months:

  • A talk with Owen Cutajar presenting ideas and insight into what the Isle of Man can do to remain relevant in a world which is experiencing rapid technological growth. Slides
  • A similar talk to the above for the BCS.
  • An Intro to Node.js  - a talk for introducing Node and how to get started. The talk centered around the general concepts of Node and how to get started quickly and there was an interactive element where attendees built a realtime chat web app during the talk to illustrate some of the concepts. Code:
  • An Introduction to React.js – talk given for introducing Facebook/Instagram’s UI Javascript library. The talk was aimed at front-end developers building rich clientside applications and gave an overview of the library and provided a prototype application to serve as an example which was later featured on the React blog. Source: Slides

The Open Elm Project has also been expanded to cover Sussex as well as the Isle of Man in an initiative lead by The Conservation Foundation. This is great news, and I’m pleased the project is helping conservation efforts further afield.

There are other developments as well but I will leave them for another post ;)

Winning: Grand Challenge place at Singularity University

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I found out (on the day my son was born!), that I’d won one of two places on the Isle of Man Grand Challenge!

The Grand Challenge is an initiative being run by the Isle of Man Department of Economic Development and supported by Poker Stars which includes a 7-day placement at Singularity University as part of the Executive Program in December!

While there, we’ll be learning from some of the leading lights of the technology industry about biotech, AI/machine learning, nanotechnology and much more. It’s an amazing personal opportunity, and one which we hope can help inspire technological innovation on the Isle of Man.

I’ll be going with Owen Cutajar (also a winner) and will be reporting on what we learn and the amazing insights throughout the week.

More soon…

Simple iPhone & iPad Video Streaming with Streamory

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For the last couple of months we’ve been working on technology to enable anyone to stream live and pre-recorded video to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

Today, we’re pleased to announce Streamory, our in-alpha service which lets users easily stream their own video and audio to the iPhone with only a couple of clicks. Streamory takes the hard work of configuring and setting up a streaming infrastructure, and instead lets you simply upload a video or input stream and, with a single click, publish a stream for use in your site or iPhone / iPad app.

Simple iPhone and iPad media streaming service

You can check our simple web-based demo iPhone app on the Streamory site – make sure you’re using an iPhone or iPad for best experience, though! The demo app demonstrates some different types of output Streamory can generate, as well as adaptive bandwidth streams which give you higher or lower quality content automatically as available bandwidth changes.

We’ve already got some great ideas to make it easy for users to create iPhone-ready video streams without the fuss, but we’d love to hear what you think so get in touch and let us know! :)

We’re not ready for beta testers yet, but if you’d be interested in participating, drop us a line and we’ll get back to you when we’re ready.

Andrew Gleave is the lead developer of iPhone and mobile apps at Red Robot Studios. Considering developing a mobile app? Contact Red Robot Studios to see how we can help.

Custom web, Django and mobile development

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We started Red Robot Studios in 2008 to develop web-based apps using great technologies like Django. Since then we’ve learned an enormous amount about what it takes to build and deploy large-scale web applications, and as we’ve developed and released our own sites and apps, we’ve increasingly been approached by people who want us to work with them to help them build great sites and services.

We’re still going to be building and releasing our own projects but have also decided to offer our development service to clients as well. We have some excellent clients already and will be accepting work from new clients.

Our aim is not just to provide a normal development service but to help our clients achieve their goals. We want to help and advise based on our experience and go the extra mile to provide really great development services to all our clients.

Our main focus is Django developmentiPhone and mobile development, but we are well experienced in many other areas including things as diverse as WordPress plugins, Facebook apps and Firefox extensions. We’d love to hear about your great idea, so get in touch!