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University of British Columbia e-EDI and e-MDI

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It’s been a while since my last blog post. This is primarily due to me being busy with work, and partly because I’m not much of a blogger.

However, two projects I had the pleasure to work on recently are the e-MDI and e-EDI systems for University of British Columbia. Initially my involvement was purely the development of the e-MDI system, and later, and partly due to the success of the that, the development of the e-EDI as well.

The MDI is a survey that is taken by children in grade 4 across British Columbia and is used to give insights in to child development and wellbeing.

Previously the process was a manual one – students entered their information on paper forms which were then sent back to UBC for analysis. This project required the development of a web-based platform for creating and issuing online surveys, and the collection and export of data.

The project is built using Django and PostgreSQL (as usual) as well as Redis for ephemeral storage, caching and as the backend for Celery; Fabric and Nginx on the backend and was probably one of the largest I’ve worked as the sole developer, and required developing interfaces and functionality for 5 different types of user, a RESTful API and a small Javascript-based DSL for authoring surveys built on top of Backbone.js.

The team at HELP have been great to work with, and both systems will help them to roll-out and surveys faster and to gain insights on to student development quicker.

I may write a follow-up post about the technical implementation of some of the more interesting aspects of the systems.

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