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Dynamic Data Filtering for

Posted: July 14th, 2010 | Author: Scott Barnham | Filed under: portfolio | No Comments »

We’ve worked on the site for several years, since it was taken over by web marketing experts Quality Nonsense. It started as a tool to tell you which web hosting company is hosting any site, but has changed and expanded in scope and usefulness, adding honest reviews and special offer hosting coupons over the last couple of years.

Hosting Comparison Tool

A few months ago we helped launch the new hosting comparison tool which filters tens of thousands of data points to tell you which web hosting company is best for you. Our role was to develop the comparison engine and super-slick dynamic interface which updates the list of suitable hosts as you click features and criteria that are important to you.

Data Update Interface

Behind the scenes, the team at add web hosting plans and regularly update masses of data using an interface we developed. All changes are logged, checked and approved before going live on the site.


The site uses PHP and MySQL. Much of the work for the hosting comparison tool was client-side, using JavaScript and the MooTools library. The filter uses ajax to update the list of hosts without reloading the page making it quick and simple to compare and contrast hosts.

Job Done is probably the largest site we regularly work on and Quality Nonsense is a great client. We’re happy with the work we’ve done and it has been well received by testers and reviewers.

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