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Job boards made easy

Posted: October 20th, 2008 | Author: Scott Barnham | Filed under: Easy Job Boards | Comments Off

We’ve just launched Fuselage which lets you create your own job board.

Each job board has its own website with admin interface and is hosted by Red Robot Studios. It’s very easy to get started and there’s nothing to install – all you need is a modern web browser.

Niche job boards are taking off. A niche job board brings together people with specific skills or located in a particular area. We know from past experience that a focussed community can build around a job board leading to higher quality candidates and more relevant job listings – a win-win situation for employers and candidates.

Fuselage fills the need for people who want to create their own niche job board or for companies or recruiters who need a simple way to list jobs online.

Fuselage is the first app to be released by Red Robot Studios and we have high hopes for it. In the coming weeks we’ll be adding new features and releasing different packages.

If you’re interested in job boards, you can try Fuselage for free.

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